EUDI - Diving show in Milan

15.02.2013 - 15.02.2013 – A freediving fair was held in Milan from 15th to 17th February where we introduced, in cooperation with Apnea Academy International, several new products.

Traditionally, visitors were mainly focused on our nose clips. New lanyard concept and new tubes for buoys have, however, aroused great attention as well. The lanyard is completely different from the known freediving lanyards as it has unique quick release system. It will be introduced to the market in June 2013 as soon as the development and testing are finished. Another innovation presented in Milan is the tube for training buoys. It is the first made product in the world in this category. The primary motivation for developing the tubes was simplifying and speeding up the handling process with the buoy. We also intended to improve the safety through the use of more durable materials and increasing the overall buoyancy of the buoy. Now, you no longer have to look for various tubes from tires and try them all out as we now present new APNEAUTIC buoys, both standard sized and large buoy in two different versions. You can find more information about the products by clicking HERE.

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In today’s world full of rush, stress and worries more and more people seek active form of relaxation in a pleasant, clean and calm environment. One of the activities in nature, that meet all of the requirements for active regeneration, is snorkeling or, if you want, freediving. Its great advantage is that you do not have to own hundreds and hundreds of equipment and that you are not dependent on diving centers. These are the reasons why freediving has become quite popular all around the world. Apneautic is not just a dealer with equipment for this beautiful sport. We have many years of experience in freediving which we take advantage of in developing and producing our new products. All you can buy in our shop we also actively use within the APNEAMAN team. Therefore, we offer the best equipment available on the market and because they come from our own production, you can get these products only from us or from our partners.

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