New weight segments

31.10.2014 - 500g and 800g segments

Apneautic works on the new 500g and 800g segment for our new sophisticated weight system. Thanks to these new segments will be able to set the weight of the neckweight after 100g steps. On the image is 500 g segment in black and 800 in the red color. 500 g segment has a lower profile, and is therefore suitable for freedivers with less space between the arms and the neck. Both segments, expect the beginning of 2015.

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In today’s world full of rush, stress and worries more and more people seek active form of relaxation in a pleasant, clean and calm environment. One of the activities in nature, that meet all of the requirements for active regeneration, is snorkeling or, if you want, freediving. Its great advantage is that you do not have to own hundreds and hundreds of equipment and that you are not dependent on diving centers. These are the reasons why freediving has become quite popular all around the world. Apneautic is not just a dealer with equipment for this beautiful sport. We have many years of experience in freediving which we take advantage of in developing and producing our new products. All you can buy in our shop we also actively use within the APNEAMAN team. Therefore, we offer the best equipment available on the market and because they come from our own production, you can get these products only from us or from our partners.

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